How to spot a Duck

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The pheasant spotters guide. Around me in the fields these days, I have the pleasure of walking my dog and watching the pheasants fly. The verb “to fly” have never been more stretched. It’s more of a panicked dive into the air with about 4 secs of hang time. Poor loves.


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I’m lucky enough to live near a large expanse of beautiful common land where farmers are allowed to let their cattle roam. Which means, alot of cow reference!

They have such good shapes. They’re also the only animal to be almost exactly rectangular.

If anyone is looking for a fix on cow reference, I’m your man, I’ll give ya a good price 😛

The Tiger Queen

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Sometimes I sit down to draw and all that comes out is what I’ve watched last. Dynasties by David Attenborough was Monday. This sketch was Tuesday. Simple as.

The design lacks a little something, but when you’re only taking one shot at a sketch, you don’t always hit the best options available 😛

Find your joy!

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I recently have been struggling to find time to do any personal works. Not even sketches or anything. I’ve also sort of lost the joy in my work.

Today I set about trying to find it. It’s coming back 😛